Stand again with Wizard Stander

Confidence through stability


Easily Moveable

Adjustable to YOUR height

Rehabilitate quickly

WIzard Stander is a great help to dress, undress, clean and change incontinence pads. I don’t have to hurt my back helping patients anymore and they feel a lot more confident in themselves.

Milly Johnson, Nurse

I Sped up my rehabilitation by 6 months. Couldn’t have done it without the Wizard Stander

John Locke, Happy Customer

My independence was important to me. I hated having to ask for help to get up. Now I don’t have to anymore!

Jennifer Harrison, Happy Customer

I regard "sit-to-stand" to be one of the most effective exercises to improve functional mobility. 💬

How does it work?

“Sit-to-Stand” (STS) involves four main phases:
Flexion momentum (leaning forward), momentum-transfer (seat-off), extension (moving to upright position)
and stabilisation phase.

The Wizard Stander is designed to facilitate a safe, therapeutic method of actively moving from sitting to
standing (and standing to sitting) by enabling two crucial components of the STS transition:

 •  Maintaining the centre of gravity over the feet from “seat-off” phase to stabilisation phase
 •  Providing anti-gravity support at the knees to facilitate extension and stabilisation phases